Libertarian Vice-Presidential Candidate Judge Jim Gray Coming to Campus

Judge Jim Gray, the VP candidate running with Gov. Gary Johnson is coming to Stanford on October 25th.

Judge Gray is a highly lauded speaker and author who served on both a Municipal and Superior Court in California. Best known for his stance against current drug laws and the War on Drugs, he retired from judicial work in 2009 and sponsored the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Initiative and became an activist against drug law.

Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Gary Johnson selected Judge Gray to be his running mate on April 30th and the two were officially nominated by the Libertarian Party less than a week later.

His talk, co-sponsored by the Stanford Review and the Decisions and Ethics Center of the Management Science and Engineering Department, will focus on the 2012 election.

Hear him speak October 25th at 6pm in the Oberndorf Auditorium at the GSB.

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