More Exec News

A new undergraduate slate has emerged, made up of Austin Guzman and Patrick Mahoney, originally called “Guzman and Mahoney for a Better Tomorrow,” then the “Guzman and Mahoney Action Referendum,” and now most recently the “Guzman-Mahoney Referendum Demanding Action (G-MRDA).” Given that the goal seems to have been to create a slate that is represented by the term “G-MRDA,” I’m not going to count them as a particularly serious challenge (as far as I know, they don’t seem to have any real ASSU experience either, but I can’t be sure), but if they’d care to prove me wrong (as the “No Rain Campaign!” did (note: they’ve dropped the second part of their name as well)), I’d welcome hearing from them.

That’s the news for now, but stay tuned for any other breaking updates.

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