Preliminary ASSU Petition Results Released

The ASSU Elections Commission has released “raw counts of signatures that appear to be valid…” in an email from Elections Commissioner Stephen Trusheim. These preliminary results from the ASSU petitioning process can be found here.

The results indicate that all petitioning executive and class slates have made it onto the ballot, while at least 37 undergraduate senate candidates have made it, but a few are still awaiting approval. Though the Hertz-Coggeshall Family for Excellence slate didn’t have enough electronic signatures, they appear to have gathered enough paper signatures to make the ballot. The other two executive slates, Cruz/Macgregor-Dennis and Seldon/Vasquez easily surpassed the required 200 signatures and qualified for public financing.

Four Special Fees petitioners didn’t make the cut (but these results are not final):

  • Stanford Journal of International Relations (SJIR)
  • Stanford Progressive
  • Stanford Harmonics
  • Stanford Theater Activist Mobilization Project

The final results will be released on Tuesday, March 8.

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