Send in your prediction for the ASSU Executive Race!

Now that voting is wrapping up, let’s have a predictions contest à la Stanford grad James Hohmann at the Politico Morning Score.

Email me ( your predictions for the ASSU Executive Race, final round ballot, and I will announce the person with the closest prediction as the winner in a follow-up blog post unless you want to remain anonymous. No rewards here, just the honor of knowing that you can most accurately assess the pulse of the campus. And believe me, this is quite an honor!

Some Rules: Based on the voting system we use, you must accurately calculate the number of votes going to the final two candidates AND the number of exhausted votes (people whose ranked candidates were exhausted). The prediction should be in percentages (this will allow people to start sending in predictions today, before we have a vote total this evening). Please send in your prediction by 4:30 PM on Saturday, April 14. I will release my prediction in a post later today.

To help, here are the final round results for last year’s ballot:

Cruz/Macgregor-Dennis – 2229 (53%)
Seldon/Vasquez – 1866 (45%)
Exhausted – 85 (2%)

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