Smoke Signals for Issue 4

DOWN: Wellness Week. There’s nothing like charging students to cuddle with kittens and encouraging sexual releases to improve my mental well-being.  How about you?

SIDEWAYS: Daily News Blog. Fewer than 7 posts since launching on February 1. But the Daily is new to blogging. We’ll see where they go next with it.

UP: Demon Sheep. Demon sheep are finally enfranchised in the political process thanks to Carly Fiorina’s attack ad on Tom Campbell, replete with a narrator eerily similar to Morgan Freeman.

UP: Olympics. The Olympics kick off this week, as fans around the world. Inexplicably, the opening ceremonies and many other competitions are time-delayed by NBC, even though Vancouver is in our time zone.

DOWN: Google Buzz. We’ll stick with Facebook and Twitter.****

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Getting Involved with the ASSU

As the ASSU election season begins, the priorities of next year’s student government and the issues affecting the student body will soon consume campus.

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