SOCC Flyers Are Everywhere

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SOCC took care of the extra space on my tack board! (Photo Credit: Kyle Huwa)
I was surprised to come back to my room today to see that my roommate and I had unknowingly endorsed two candidates for ASSU Senate. I then looked down the hall and noticed that nearly everyone on my floor had also endorsed ASSU senate candidates. SOCC fliers blanketed all of the tack boards down my hallway, some boards featuring up to six different fliers. I thought it was understood that these boards belonged to the residents of the room with which they are associated. If I put something on the board, then it means I’m promoting it. Unfortunately, in what appears to be a Tuesday night fliering blitz, SOCC candidates blanketed these boards with their fliers in an apparently unauthorized manner.

Admittedly, their fliers are colorful and designed fairly well. And shout out to Kimberly Bacon for having such a convenient last name. But I will simply suggest to SOCC candidates and supporters: students already get frustrated with the ASSU, so don’t aggravate us more by infringing on our semi-private property.

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