Stanford Daily Unmasks the Editorial Process

The Stanford Daily has finally revealed the identity of the editorial board as part of an effort to show transparency in the lead-up to its endorsement interviews. The Editorial Board has six members from a variety of class years (sophomore-senior) and is chaired by a current senior, Andrew Valencia.

The most interesting note associated with this revealing of the people behind the board is that two of the six members, Tiq Chapa and Ishan Nath, will be sitting out the executive endorsement due to “conflicts of interest.” Presumably, this relates to Chapa’s association with the SOCC endorsement process and Nath’s association with IDEAS, one of the groups that forms GAIA, the  coalition that this year is offering the environmental endorsement. Additionally, some quick research reveals that Nath and Wharton, a vice presidential candidate went to the same high school, another reason for Nath to step aside.

In sum, I applaud the Daily’s decision to introduce transparency into the way in which the board makes its decision and, in doing so, to also have members with potential conflicts of interest step aside. As the Daily is likely the most powerful endorsement that a slate can receive, it is important that it also be the most impartial in making its selection. In finally revealing this information, it is making that effort. Well done.

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