Student Justice Project claims injustice at the Office of Community Standards

In a press conference on Thursday, the Student Justice Project, led by Reid Spitz ’14 and Stanford alumnus Bob Ottilie, alleged that the Office of Community Standards is violating the Judicial Charter by not fairly protecting students accused of cheating. This press conference represents the follow up to the 2012 case study written by three students who were accused of cheating and advisors, including Ottilie.

Spitz and Ottilie focused on OSC’s attitude towards the process, citing Chris Griffith’s term ‘disciplinary process’, which has since changed to ‘educational process’ as evidence of systemic unfairness.
“These types of allegations have life-lasting consequences,” Spitz said.

Spitz and Ottilie presented signed testimonials from students, parents, and alumni containing allegations of “serious breaches of what even the university’s counsel’s office calls ‘The Judicial Charter Contract'”.

Spitz has identified two goals of the project. First, to make students aware of the “systemic abuses of the 1997 Judicial Charter”. “This will be a year-long educational campaign that starts today,” Ottilie declared. “Every single student that receives contact from the OCS, call us first, don’t wait. Your rights … are at grave risk.”

Watch the full press conference below. Watch for upcoming events from the Student Justice Project and ongoing coverage from The Review.

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