The Road to Wellness: Meditations on California Pizza Kitchen

The Road to Wellness is one man’s journey to win the Wellness Challenge, become Well, and take home $100 in the process. In part one I got a pedicure, petted some cacti and walked the dish. In part two I petted a dog and did some yoga.

20. Walk to class and enjoy our beautiful campus

I walked to an English class today, and though it was overcast, our campus is indeed quite lovely, and living in Potter, on this sort of walk I get to enjoy more of it than a more centrally located individual might (that’s making Well lemonade out of Well lemons).

21. Get some food from your favorite place off-campus

This is the part where I admit that I got food from CPK ASAP in the Stanford Shopping Mall and this is my favorite place off-campus. What can I say? That Barbecue Chicken Pizza is a force to be reckoned with.

22. Wellness Room Meditation

Oh, another trip to the Wellness Room, my old friend. I sat on a beanbag next to a giant roll of bubble wrap and grasped tightly onto a pillow that was a big read heart with arms before our meditation exercises began. We spent the first ten minutes or so doing some light physical movements so we would be comfortable while sitting for a half hour or so.

I don’t mean to be overly critical, and I probably was doing it wrong, but is meditation basically trying to take a nap while sitting? That’s what I was doing, for the most part. Maria, the meditation instruction (correct terminology?) had a soothing voice. I couldn’t help myself. In any case, check another one off the list. Also, I had to hurry back and write this post in time for number 23.

Oh, and there were once again exactly ten people. I think not only am I the only person to have attended all four events, but The Official Wellness Girlfriend is probably the only other person to have gone to three. People are busy–and if anyone tries to claim they’ve been to everything thus far, they’re a lying liar trying to steal my $100.

23. Go to the gym

Tragically, we’ve played IM Basketball at 11 the last three weeks–tonight was our first lost, but so it goes. This helped me on number 24.

24. Drink 8 glasses of water

I normally do drink a lot of water, but even over the course of a day, this seemed like a lot. working out helped me make it though. It’s also worth noting that this means 8 eight ounce glasses, which is less than you’d think. It’s one Super Big Gulp. 8 ounces is between a Capri Sun and a soda can, i.e. less water than one normally consumes with a meal (at least in my experience).

25. Make a list of ten things that make you happy

  1. Beating China in the Olympics
  2. Shaq rapping
  3. Bad flags
  4. Drunken, dancing Ewoks harassing Al Roker
  5. Ball pits
  6. This Tiger Woods video, and this one too
  7. Lists of Lists
  8. Metacritic (not funny, actually pretty awesome)
  9. Not being the father
  10. This video

[![]( "200px-Rasputin_pt")](
Sen. Zachary Warma (aged 5 years)
Oh, and today I’d put Sen. Warma’s bitterness at a [Rasputin]( One the one hand they tried to kill him about a million different times, but on the other hand he survived the first go round. Eventually his closeness and bad talking about the powers that be eventually did lead to his downfall. Just saying.

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