The Student Body Piles On

Stewart Macgregor-Dennis, candidate for ASSU Executive, has undergone an onslaught of attacks over the past 24 hours. It started with concerns over ODesk expenditures, but has expanded to other parts of the student body as well. I’ve provided commentary on the nature of some of these attacks here.

Two of the posts/emails opposing his slates are particularly notable.

First, Static, Stanford’s progressive blog, posted about the racism implicit in Stewart’s ODesk expenditures. I’ll let you be the judge of the post:

Secondly, Senator Palpatine sent a surprisingly serious and substantive email to several students. A few excerpts:

**Do not vote for MacGregor-Dennis & Druthi:**
MacGregor-Dennis & Druthi would offer more of the same as the current administration: a highly bureaucratic student government that does little to inspire students and administrators. Their 40-page platform, which aims to offer something for everybody, is often lacking in details.
• eDorm and other initiatives have solely focused the ASSU around technology and entrepreneurship, while consistently alienating liberal-arts majors and non-engineers.

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