Get Your Wager On

[![My moneys on Taylor.](]()
My money's on Taylor.
Nobel Prize season is beginning to heat up — four awards are out the door so far. There’s been some stuff about ribosomes and chromosomes, and an American hasn’t won the Literature Prize again ([damn Europeans](

But, who cares? The most important prize is coming up (no, not the one for peace) — The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Real Time Economics, the WSJ economics blog, has the story on the two major handicappers of the event: a British betting firm and a Harvard prediction pool.

Stanford’s got a few big horses in the race: Paul Romer is second in the British pool, John Taylor, famous for the “Taylor Rule,” is second in the Harvard pool, and Paul Milgrom is third in the Harvard pool. The award is announced on Monday — watch live coverage here.

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