Quick Exec Update

Since the petitions info came out, there has been an (understandable) slowdown in Exec campaign news. I’m certain that, behind the scenes, the various slates are maneuvering to secure the support of major campus players and try to set themselves up for endorsements down the road, but everything seems relatively placid on the surface (Stanford duck metaphor strikes again?). However, here I’ll lay out the info that I’ve been able to gather from my secret source and conversations with various campus figures.

First, the No Rain Campaign hasn’t put together a single platform, as far as I can tell, but instead is announcing its various planned initiatives via a blog. Their most recent posts have looked at the experiences that the two candidates are bringing to the table, in particular Katherine Heflin’s work on sustainability and Daniel Leifer’s work with Vaden on tobacco cessation. They’ve also proclaimed an intention to spend ***no money***on their campaign, which, I’m afraid, will totally handicap them. Only time will tell, however.

Second, Cardona/Wharton have yet to post a platform (that I can find), but they have wasted no time in setting up an elections mailing list for their core team (note: it’s private, so we can’t view the archive of messages or anything exciting). This is another reminder that they have a strong organizing machine from their current work in the ASSU and thus will be a formidable contender. I’ll be interviewing them tomorrow, so we should learn more then.

That’s all that I could find. If I’m missing anything, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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