Stanford Versus Democrat Candidates of Color: A Shocking Pattern

Stanford Versus Democrat Candidates of Color: A Shocking Pattern

In the last month, two Stanford alumni and Democrat candidates for President suspended their campaigns: U.S. Senator Cory Booker ‘91 and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro ‘95. They are joined by Sen. Kamala Harris, a Bay Area native and the daughter of a Stanford Economics professor, who dropped before the New Year.

Of the top five nationwide (as of Feb. 10) -- Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg, and Pete Buttigieg -- none are people of color!

The White Supremocrats have worked remarkably quickly to remove minority candidates from the primary and replace them with billionaires. This political ethnic cleansing is an outrage, and Stanford has been at the center of it. Our university can no longer hide from the truth.

In 2019, Stanford in Government hosted Julian Castro ‘95 and Tom Steyer M.B.A. ‘83 Steyer, a former Stanford Trustee and a white billionaire, was given the 600-seat CEMEX auditorium. Castro, a Latino non-billionaire, was relegated to the Bechtel Conference Center, with only 200 seats and no stage.

The DNC, no doubt inspired by Stanford in Government’s racism, has now begun to kick minority candidates off the national debate stage. First they excluded Tulsi Gabbard, then Booker and Castro, then Andrew Yang. Then, the DNC changed the debate rules to eliminate donor requirements, paving the way for former New York City Mayor and white billionaire Michael Bloomberg to take his whiteful place on the stage.

When he was a student, Cory Booker wrote several problematic Daily columns in which he discussed groping women and hating gays. That the Daily first brainwashed Booker into writing those columns and then didn’t preemptively erase all records of them before his political rise is, on its own, quite shocking systemic racism.

But the Daily didn’t stop there. They actually took it upon themselves to “comb through [their] archives” immediately after Sen. Booker declared his campaign in 2019 to resurface the damaging material! Then they published parts of what he wrote in a lengthy hit piece.

And that’s not the worst of it. Stanford has also shamed one candidate-of-color for speaking her truth and expressing her identity.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has historically identified as Native-American. In 2018, a Stanford professor, Dr. Carlos Bustamente, tested her DNA. He reported that nearly 100% of her DNA was European, but that she may have had one Native ancestor six to ten generations ago.

Since the colonialist DNA test, Senator Warren has been forced to apologize for who she is! The Stanford DNA report was a sickening attempt to erase Senator Warren’s indigenous identity.

These aren’t coincidences. The pattern is unmistakable.

It’s difficult to believe that Stanford could be at the center of such a scheme, but the facts don’t lie. Clearly, Stanford is not a legitimate University, but a dangerous, white-supremacist engine to tank the political futures of its minority alumni and those even remotely affiliated with it. It’s appalling.

If we don’t stand up for minority Democrat candidates, who will? I therefore issue the following DEMANDS and call on all those concerned about racial justice to join me:

  • Provost Persis Drell must appoint the recently-unemployed Julian Castro ‘95 as Vice Provost of ResX and Neighborhoods Development.
  • The Board of Trustees must divest from Tom Steyer M.B.A. ‘83 and publicly condemn him.
  • The Stanford Democrats must endorse Deval Patrick without delay.
  • Stanford Young Democratic Socialists of America must denounce Bernie Sanders for being an old white man and pay reparations to Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign.
  • Stanford in Government must address the disparity in the amount of seating it provides at events for minority, non-billionaire candidates.
  • Vice Provost for Student Affairs Susie Brubaker-Cole must announce a new hackathon to actually hack the campaigns of white candidates and release damaging information to support Andrew Yang’s candidacy.
  • President Marc Tessier-Lavigne must open a Title VI investigation into The Stanford Daily for racism against Cory Booker ‘91.
  • Who’s Teaching Us? must rebrand as Who’s Representing Us? and figure out why all the social-justice candidates are white.
  • Professor Carlos Bustamente must apologize to Elizabeth Warren and conduct DNA tests on all other Democrat candidates to figure out just how white they are.

If these DEMANDS are not met by February 29th, the end of Black History Month, I’ll be left with no other option but to conclude that all those named are complicit in white supremacy.

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