2Pac is (not coming to) Stanford

Commencement Speaker 2011? (Image via Huffington Post)
[2Pac](http://www.youtube.com/user/tesfaye10?blend=1&ob=4) simply *is* Stanford. You heard it here first, folks! Well, okay, actually you may have heard it first from the Huffington Post.

In a recent article, the brain trust at the Huffington Post decided that describing your “institution of higher learning” is just too darn hard. To simplify the task they have paired popular universities with their celebrity rapper counterparts. Pretty nifty, no?

Apparently 2Pac is Stanford, because “where he ranks just depends on what coast you’re from.”

We here at the Review thought this statement over and have decided it to be alarmingly false. Warm weather, relaxed people, and top-notch academics are all objective truths. After all, the west coast is the best coast.

Sorry, Huffington Post. Try again.

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