Purdue professors deliberately ignore shooting, endanger students

A Purdue teaching assistant was fatally shot today by an engineering student. Students were shocked when a number of professors continued to teach despite the fact that the Indiana campus was officially on lockdown. Student Bryce Shaffer informed The Purdue Review that his professor made no adjustments and “told [them that they were] being typical Americans and hysterical for asking him to lock doors, and [continued] lecturing.”

The Purdue Review reported:

A surreal scene unfolded around noon on Tuesday. As a gunman shot an instructor at point-blank range in front of a classroom of students, some Purdue professors continued to teach class as if nothing was amiss, ignoring students’ pleas to lock the doors and turn off the lights.

“I’ll have the TA tackle him if he comes in,” joked Professor Rebecca Trax, according to Sami Menard, a student in her 12:00 Introduction to Accounting class… Read more.

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