Is There Hand Sanitizer in Sigma Nu?

CBS decides to do a spot in the local news about how the threat of swine flu is canceling traditions at Stanford (that was the hook… the hold?  Full Moon on the Quad).  So of everywhere on campus, where do they go to get a representative sample of Stanford students?  Beer-on-the-lawn at Columbae and Sigma Nu.  Really?  According to correspondent Julie Watts,

From sharing keg cups to kissing, the American College Health Association says that frat parties just like the ones going on behind me are the prime place to spread swine flu.

So from the festivities at Sigma Nu’s disorientation party on Friday, which from all accounts was a hilarious time watching new freshmen acquaint themselves with their first-ever frat party, we cut to one Columbae student’s strategies for coping with the age of swine flu:

I try to remain monogamous and, you know, only swap spit with my special someone.

Uhh… okay.  Columbae’s hippie-ish co-op reputation is no secret, especially after last year’s article on National Review Online from a parent absolutely derided it.  For the record, I support virtually nothing in the editorial, and neither have previous opinions in Fiat Lux, like Allysia Finley’s May 6 post, “NRO article decries gender neutral housing.”

But still, let’s play a game.  Let’s say you were working on a project for Stanford Cardinal Broadcasting Network (SCBN), a documentary or news story where you were filming the opinions of Stanford students, and needed a representative sample.  Where would you go to film?  I don’t know about you, but neither Columbae nor Sigma Nu would probably be very high on my list.

CBS’s segment also tries to show the responses to swine flu: one reaction, Purell dispensers popping up all over campus.  To which Watts oh-so-cleverly guesses,

I gotta say, I don’t think they’ve got those Purell dispensers at these frat houses.

I don’t know about that.  Anybody from Sigma Nu want to prove them wrong?

Check out the video yourself at CBS 5’s Video Library.  Who knows, if you were out on Friday afternoon or night, you might even find yourself in it.

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